“Funnel has allowed us to move mountains with the click of a button”

- Bryce Hamlin - Director of nova Business Analytics at Power Digital Marketing

Executive summary:

Power Digital teamed up with Funnel to overhaul its data analytics capabilities, paving the way for the agency to compete with national players in the digital marketing arena. Funnel's efficient data automation led to considerable time savings and operational efficiencies, ultimately facilitating business growth.

Key results:

  • Shortened the time from data collection to client report viewing to just 1 hour.
  • Achieved a monthly savings of 10-15 hours in finance and accounting reconciliation for client billing.
  • Custom connectors provided over 100+ hours of monthly time savings for data collection from various sources.
  • Each team member enjoys a time saving of 3-4 hours per month compared to prior methods.

Company profile:

Power Digital, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a nationally recognized digital marketing agency with 650 employees spread across the U.S. The agency is committed to offering data-driven, ROI-focused digital marketing solutions.

The challenge: Outdated and inefficient data management

Based in San Diego, California, Power Digital is a data-driven, ROI-focused digital marketing agency.

While their service offering has always held a digital focus, their capacity to handle and analyze marketing data for their clients wasn’t always world-class as it is now.

Prior to working with Funnel, Bryce Hamlin, director of business analytics, was working with Supermetrics in an effort to gain insights on behalf of their clients.

“We were relying on Supermetrics to feed Google Sheets, which we then transformed and connected to Looker Studio,” according to Bryce. “The data refreshes were constantly breaking, and the process was not efficient at all.”

From a business perspective, this meant that Power Digital was being outpaced by other digital marketing agencies with more sophisticated data handling operations. To jumpstart their own data capabilities, Bryce brought Mattan Romano, Associate Director of Business Analytics, onto the team.

The Solution: A smooth transition to Funnel’s robust platform

Upon realizing the limitations of their existing reporting processes, Power Digital transitioned to Funnel. "The onboarding with Funnel was exceptionally smooth and beneficial," said Mattan Romano, a team member with prior Funnel experience. Within the trial period, the team was able to thoroughly test Funnel’s capabilities and confirm it was the right solution for them.

"We moved from spending days on building a client's report to just under an hour," mentioned Bryce. This efficiency allowed the team to pivot from data collection to data analysis, adding more value to their service and increasing overall agency profitability.

The results: A transformational impact on growth

The shift to Funnel has been revolutionary for Power Digital. "Our analytics team simply wouldn’t be what it is today without Funnel’s capabilities," emphasized Bryce Hamlin. The time and effort saved allowed the agency to grow its analytics team to 12 people and to launch a new core offering known as Nova.

Nova not only enriches their service portfolio but also provides a unique selling point during client pitches. “Now we can show clients exactly how we’ll improve their digital marketing campaigns using real data,” Bryce added. In sum, Funnel didn't just enhance Power Digital's data capabilities; it facilitated a comprehensive transformation of the agency’s business model, equipping them to compete with both national agencies and specialized data consultants.

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Funnel interviewed

Bryce Hamlin  - Director, Business Analytics at Power Digital Marketing

Mattan Romano
- Associate Director, Business Analytics at Power Digital Marketing