Optimize your marketing mix with Funnel and Adtriba

Gain a comprehensive, holistic view of your marketing activities to effectively measure and optimize your marketing strategies with Marketing Mix Modeling and data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling.

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Why Adtriba?

What sets our partnership apart is the seamless integration of Funnel's data aggregation capabilities and Adtriba's advanced marketing measurement and attribution solutions. Together, we provide a complete marketing controlling ecosystem that empowers you with accurate, actionable insights.

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What we strive for

  • Scalability: Our solution adapts to your needs, regardless of your company's size, helping you thrive in an ever-changing marketing landscape.
  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of marketing tech, ensuring you have the latest tools and insights for success.
  • Data Precision: Adtriba's advanced measurement and attribution models deliver granular insights, helping you make precise decisions.
  • Reliability: Trust is at the core of our partnership. You can rely on us to deliver accurate data, unparalleled support, and a commitment to your success.

Funnel & Adtriba

Funnel helps you connect, store, organize, and share your marketing data to achieve your goals.

Funnel & Adtriba

Funnel helps you connect, store, organize, and share your marketing data to achieve your goals.

Increased efficiency 

Analyze the impact of your marketing activities with MMM and data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution.


Stay ahead in the dynamic marketing landscape with solutions that adapt to market changes.

Holistic view

Get a comprehensive view of marketing, including digital, offline, branding and performance to drive growth.

Actionable insights

Understand not just what’s happening, but why, and get recommendations to optimize your marketing efforts.

How to work with Funnel and Adtriba

How to work with Funnel and Adtriba


Step 1 - Connect data/ad platforms

Start by seamlessly linking your data and ad platforms to Funnel.

Step 2 - Set up dimensions in Funnel

Configure dimensions within Funnel to match your specific needs and goals.

Step 3 - Export to Adtriba

Easily export your enriched data to Adtriba for advanced marketing attribution insights.


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Automate data collection, centralize your data, improve reporting, and get to insights faster.

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Collect all of your advertising data in Funnel

With Funnel, the possibilities for data integration are virtually limitless. Unlock the full potential of your data.

Power your dashboards with Funnel


Advertising channel overview

This report provides an overview of all your advertising platforms and gives you a good understanding of what's working, what's not, and where to shift your budget.




Market comparison

This report breaks down your advertising efforts by market. See which markets are performing best and use these insights to make an impact on your business.




Monthly marketing overview

This template provides a top-level omnichannel overview of your marketing performance. Spot trends and obtain the information required to shift budget from underperforming channels.



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