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Google Ads API update: Landing Page report

You can now access the Landing Page report via the Google Ads API. It was previously only available via the Adwords API.

Bing - Hour of day dimension

We now have a new breakdown available in the Bing connector which is Hourly. This breakdown includes the dimension Hour of Day and enables you to view...

Google Ads API update: Search Query Report

You can now access the Search Query report via the Google Ads API. It was previously only available via the Adwords API.

Pardot Activities - New premium connector

The Pardot Activities connector has just been released! Note that this connector is premium and you will have to get in touch with us to get access to...

Google Analytics - Custom Integer Metrics

The Google Analytics connector got updated and new fields are now available. If you have created your own Custom Metrics with the type of integer in G...

Outbrain - New dimension

Our Outbrain connector have a new dimension available: Market ID The dimension is available in all report types. You can read more about the Outbrain ...

TikTok - Video metrics

The TikTok connector just got updated with some new metrics around video performance. To include these metrics, select the report type Ad when configu...

Lookup from data source

Lookup from Data Source - New feature

The custom fields lookup operator just got new capabilities! You can now create a lookup rule that performs the lookup in a data source in your Funnel...

Campaign Manager placement ID now available for DV360

The DoubleClick Bid Manager connector has just been updated and you can now import the dimension Campaign Manager placement ID when you connect a data...