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AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - Local and smart campaigns available

1 minute read Last updated Aug 12 2020
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We have updated the AdWords (Google Ads BETA) connector to support Local and Smart Campaigns data. 

Any new or previously existing AdWords source will be able to download this data. To enable this, select "Google Ads BETA API" when connecting or reconfiguring an AdWords source:

This setting will be applied to all data downloaded from the point in time you make this setting. Historical data can be downloaded separately. To do this, reach out to us in the in-app chat or send us an e-mail directly to and we're happy help you with it! 

For more information about the differences between the Google Ads and the Adwords API, and what the new Google Ads API offers, see the knowledge base article Google Ads vs Adwords API.

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