Learn everything there is to know about marketing reporting to the C-suite

We partnered with our good friends over at award-winning media agency Brainlabs to discuss how to nail your marketing reporting and communicate exactly what is needed.


Brainlabs is a digital-first media agency that works with top companies across the globe. In this webinar, Group Account Directors Danielle Gonzales & Luke Fisher talk to Funnel Solutions Consultant Quentin Monot about marketing reporting best practices.

The webinar covers:

  • How to produce high-level data analysis to report to board members and executives
  • How to find solutions to marketing challenges through data analysis
  • How to guarantee the security of your company’s data when using a data analysis platform
  • A quick product demo of Funnel, so you can see how Brainlabs leverages Funnel to deliver world-class reporting to their clients