Salesforce Connector

Automatically sync your revenue and sales data from Salesforce with all of your marketing data. With Business-Ready Data it’s easy to conduct cross-channel and cross-country analysis in minutes or hours, instead of days and months.

Combining Salesforce Data with Marketing Data

A customer story

Learn how Landon Perry, the Paid Search Director at Green Line Digital uses Funnel to combine Salesforce data with marketing data, to provide real value for their customers.

Benefits and Use Cases

Connect sales and marketing data

When you combine advertising and CRM data, you go beyond top-level metrics like CPC and CTR and truly understand what activities are moving your business forward and generating revenue.

Centralize your sales analytics

Move away from Salesforce guardrails and take control of your own sales analytics. Slice the data in any you want to and drill deeper than possible in Salesforce alone.

Automatic exports, hourly

Your data is up to date, all of the time. VIsualize it and communicate your findings to stakeholders in your preferred tool of choice.

Adapt the data to your business

With custom dimensions, you can redefine your properties without relying on time-consuming workflows. Using simple rules, you can re-interpret the Salesforce properties and change the data model as your business grows.

Make data-driven decisions

By merging acquisition platforms with CRM Data, you can obtain a complete overview of your marketing funnel. Enable data-driven decisions by following the journey from the first time a user comes to your website up until the deal is closed.

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How it works

Connect Salesforce

And all of your other platforms to Funnel

Generate Business-Ready Data

Group Salesforce and advertising data

Send to any destination

Utilise the data in the tool of your choice

Salesforce Connectors & Fields

Funnel currently pulls data from the following Salesforce objects

Funnel pulls all fields from the objects listed above. If the object you use isn't listed, please contact us and we'll build a connection for you. For documentation and details on available fields, please click on the objects above.

Empower the Whole Organisation

“Funnel enables us to create dashboards that can visualize our ROAS. This is super valuable and allows us to make data-driven decisions!”

Landon Perry, Paid Search Director,
Green Line Digital

Data Destinations

Utilize your Business-Ready HubSpot data in the tools and solutions of your choice

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Google Analytics

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