The 15 best digital marketing dashboard tools

Published Apr 11 2024 Last updated Apr 30 2024 8 minute read
top 15 marketing dashboard tools
  • Sean Dougherty
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You know when you see a "jump to recipe" button at the top of the page, and your day becomes a little brighter? Food bloggers who provide this convenience are the masters of their industry. We want to be the same, so we're skipping the extra intro paragraphs. Let's just dive right into our list of the best digital marketing dashboard software.

Our top 15 marketing dashboard tools

1. Funnel

Taking the top spot for us? Funnel, of course!

Our marketing dashboard software can bring together data from all your marketing channels. From here, you can create custom marketing dashboards to track key metrics and visualize data. Using other marketing reporting platforms? No problem. You can share data from Funnel with other tools, such as Looker and PowerBI.

Benefits of Funnel

Funnel stores your marketing data and visualizes it. If a problem occurs with one of your data points, you'll still be able to share your dashboards.

Frictionless data exploration
Marketing dashboard software is almost always pretty on the eyes. But with aesthetics, you can often only see the data at the surface level. And static data visualization is only so helpful. With Funnel, you can drill down into your data when you find something interesting to explore.

End-to-end solution
Funnel offers all the data connectors you'll ever need. No need to manually import data; marketing teams can set up a content marketing dashboard and we'll take care of the rest.

Automatic normalization of marketing data
Funnel means you don't need to be an Excel wiz to find the value in your data. To help you understand more about your marketing campaigns, Funnel will clean and transform your data for you. To create a clear marketing reporting process, this transformation includes converting currencies and metrics throughout your data.


Funnel has a free marketing dashboard plan available. We also offer enterprise plans for large companies, with pricing available on request.

2. Looker

Looker is Google's business intelligence tool which doubles as marketing dashboard software. The platform is used for data modeling when complex data systems are in place. Dashboarding is just another feature of the software but isn't one of its best features.

Simple to use, Looker is useful for drawing all your data sources into a single place, converting metrics, and keeping your data safe. Ultimately, it makes it easier to track specific performance metrics, improve your marketing efforts, and monitor ad campaigns.

Looker is more than a dashboarding tool. It's a platform that departments across the company can use. The platform links to BigQuery, Snowflake, and plenty more SQL dialects. As such, you can share your database with finance, sales, and others, even if they're not using the tool.


  • Predictive analytics dashboard
  • 360-degree picture to track performance
  • Semantic layer for data governance and modeling (this Looker comparison helps understand what the semantic layer is)


  • Limited visualization options (Looker is a BI tool, first and foremost)
  • A complex tool for simple dashboarding


Pricing is available on request.

3. Looker Studio

Alongside Google's BI tool Looker, there's Looker Studio. Previously known as Google Data Studio. Looker Studio is a marketing data platform favored over Google Analytics for dashboarding. 

The tool is a simplified version of Looker without capabilities like data modeling and semantic layers. Its primary focus is to help you create visually appealing dashboards.

In February 2024, Google announced the plan to bring together Looker Studio and Looker using integrating features. However, for the time being, Looker Studio is free to use, feature-rich, and capable of building highly customized marketing dashboards. 

The drag-and-drop interface ensures you can create a comprehensive dashboard without much training. So it's an ideal marketing dashboard tool for those just getting started.

Looker Studio integrates seamlessly with other Google products. But your marketing team can also connect social media platforms and niche software like PostgreSQL.


  • Highly customizable
  • Collaboration tools
  • Quick integration with other Google tools


  • No semantics layer
  • Unable to drill down far into the data


Free to use. Alternatively, Looker Studio Pro is $9/month per user per project.

Looker Studio Pricing

4. Databox

Databox's digital marketing reporting dashboard offers easy data connection and quick report creation. Used by over 20,000 businesses globally, Databox is one of the best marketing dashboard tools on the market. Marketing agencies can gain actionable insights from multiple platforms in one place.

Suited to time-poor teams, the software has a library of pre-built templates for tracking campaign performance, social media engagement, and much more. For quick referencing, KPI scorecards track 15 metrics for daily, weekly, or monthly updates.


  • Custom data integration via SQL
  • Drag and drop formula builder and custom metrics
  • Pre-built templates


  • Lacks customization capabilities compared to competitors
  • Heavy on technical jargon


  • Free: Suitable for individuals or small teams (monitors up to 3 data sources)
  • Starter: $47/month
  • Professional: $135/month
  • Growth: $319/month
  • Premium: $799/month

Pricing increases in each package for more than 3 data sources.

Databox pricing

5. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a business intelligence (BI) tool and one of the best marketing dashboard software on the market. The custom dashboard builder allows you to track any metric and make data-driven decisions.

Klipfolio integrates with popular marketing channels and social media platforms. You can also create custom queries or use the pre-built chart types and marketing dashboard templates for quick reporting.

Another reason the tool is one of the best marketing tools is its role-based management controls. Admins can provide different access levels to stakeholders, clients, and team members.


  • Simple interface with an impressive user experience
  • Reasonably priced


  • Slows during complex problem-solving
  • Requires some coding knowledge


Packages for agencies start at $49/month for 10 dashboards or 10 clients. For businesses, pricing starts at $99/month for 15 dashboards and unlimited users.

Klipfolio pricing

6. Tableau

Tableau is a cloud-based, digital marketing reporting dashboard tool. It allows you to customize dashboards and track marketing metrics from any data source.

Perfect for data-driven decision-making, Tableau cleans and combines your data to reveal hidden insights. It's brilliant for marketing agencies that need to guarantee success for their clients, as you can perform granular analysis with the help of AI.

You can also use real-time notifications through Slack to keep the whole team informed.


  • Easy setup and usability
  • Integrated AI for granular analysis


  • Slows down when performing complex calculations

Pricing (billed annually)

  • Tableau Viewer: $15/month per user
  • Tableau Explorer: $42/month per user
  • Tableau Creator: $75/month per user (available for organizations and individuals)

Tableau pricing

7. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is one of the best marketing dashboard software solutions for monitoring email marketing. It offers useful metrics like click-through rates and subscriber engagement.

The marketing analytics platform provides data collection and visualization. All you have to do is use the ready-made integrations to connect multiple sources.

Using custom formulas, Whatagraph can combine key marketing metrics and create interactive dashboards. Not sure where to start? Use the software's smart builder tool or the library of pre-built widgets and templates.

You can also share live reports with clients. For a professional finish, you can even add company branding or domains to your dashboards.

Whatagraph is a solid tool for individual marketers right up to big-data companies.


  • User-friendly interface
  • White label functionality


  • Subpar customer support compared to other marketing tools
  • May be expensive for small businesses


  • Essential: $249/month for 5 users
  • Advanced: $499/month for 10 users

Pricing increases depend on the source credits needed. Custom pricing for larger enterprises is also available. 

Whatagraph pricing

8. Dashthis

Dashthis is a simple marketing dashboard software that speeds up the reporting process. The tool offers seamless data connectors to over 30 popular marketing platforms, but any platform can be connected via their Google Sheets Integration tool or CSV file import system.

Dashthis's pricing sets it apart from the competition. While most competitors base pricing on the number of users, Dashthis offers unlimited access. When everyone on the team can access the tool, collaboration is incredibly easy.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited users for even the basic package


  • Few advanced features
  • Expensive for beginners


  • Pricing starts at $49/month for 3 dashboards and unlimited users.
  • Discounts available for paying annually

Dashthis pricing

9. Cyfe

Now part of the Traject group, Cyfe offers marketing dashboards, web analytics, sales performance tracking, and other business functions.

The marketing dashboard software provides all-in-one dashboarding and dynamic data visualization. Cyfe's mid-marketing offering has a great ROI for smaller companies. Digital marketers who are trying to improve their marketing strategies will benefit from using Cyfe.

It has over 100 integrations available and more than 250 pre-built metrics to help you analyze your marketing strategy. Download and share any report as PNG, PDF, or other format, or send a smart link so users can access your live dashboard.


  • Highly customizable
  • Includes white-label functionality


  • Limited visualization widgets


  • Starter: $19/month (includes 2 dashboards for a single user)
  • Standard: $29/month (5 dashboards & 2 users)
  • Pro: $49/month (10 dashboards & 5 users)
  • Premier: $89/month (20 dashboards & unlimited users)

Cyfe pricing

10. Domo

Domo is another of our favorite digital marketing tools for combining marketing data with data sources used by different departments. The tool provides a mobile-first experience and uses business intelligence to analyze your marketing performance.

Used by top brands like Unilever and eBay, the tool offers value to small to medium-sized agencies as well as large enterprises.

With a wide library of charts and visualization elements, you can create dynamic business dashboards from scratch and tailor them with custom filters.


  • Role-based access management
  • Reliable customer support


  • Occasional data loss
  • Limited layouts


The free package includes 300 credits a month. Premium package pricing is available on request.

Domo pricing

11. Geckoboard

Geckoboard is an easy-to-set-up data visualization platform and marketing dashboard software. It's a comprehensive tool for those needing to monitor a few core KPIs.

The platform is feature-rich and takes a metric-first approach, making it ideal for tracking marketing performance.

Geckoboard even offers a free-forever plan, which includes one dashboard. While not a practical option for most agencies, it's handy for beginners to experiment with before investing in a premium package.

To keep everyone on the ball in the office, you can use the platform's display-to-TV feature. Different packages allow you to display your real-time dashboard on multiple TVs so the team can reference it while they work.


  • Easy setup and usability
  • Auto-refresh data retrieval


  • Unreliable customer support
  • Expensive premium plans


After the free-forever plan, pricing starts at $39/month for 1 dashboard and 3 users.

Geckoboard pricing

12. TapClicks

TapClicks is a favorite for marketing agencies across the globe. Standout features include their interactive reports generator, email marketing analytics, and competitor analysis. With so much on offer, you'll have no excuses when making a killer marketing strategy.

Custom calculations and metrics can be created with the Tap Analytics feature to help you prove business value every step of the way. The competitor performance tracking means you can keep tabs on their ad campaigns, social media, and search rankings in one place.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Collaboration features


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex pricing


TapClicks keeps their pricing under wraps. However, we've found the following prices elsewhere on the web:

  • Basic: $297/month
  • Pro: $1,199/month
  • Elite: $1,799/month

Discounts for annual billing.

13. Zoho Analytics

If you already use Zoho products, Zoho Analytics is the best data analytics dashboard software. It seamlessly integrates with your other tools, giving you one less thing to think about.

The platform boasts about its connection capabilities, claiming it can connect to any source — online or offline.

Dashboards are fully responsive and provide easy-to-read data visualization. As a result, Zoho makes drilling down into your data a total breeze.


  • Connect any data source
  • Fully responsive


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complicated pricing structure


Pricing is based on users and rows of data.

  • Free package for 2 users and 10,000 rows
  • Basic: $30/month (2 users, 0.5 million rows)
  • Standard: $60/month (5 users, 1 million rows)
  • Premium: $145/month (15 users, 5 million rows)
  • Enterprise: $575/month (50 users, 50 million rows)

14. Mixpanel

If you're working with B2B or SaaS clients, Mixpanel is a fab choice for your company. The marketing dashboard software focuses on product analytics and user behavior.

Used by big names like X (Twitter) and Uber, the software has major scalability. Mixpanel helps track user actions at a granular level and compares user flows. With powerful segmentation capabilities, you can track the behavior of specific groups of users. From here, you can create more effective, relatable marketing campaigns.


  • Experiment with A/B testing
  • Powerful segmentation options


  • Complex setup
  • Limited visualization options


Mixpanel offers a free plan, with their Growth plan starting at $20/month.

Mixpanel pricing

15. Google Analytics 4

Yep, GA4 made it to the list. Plenty of people don't like the latest Google Analytics reboot. But once you've come to grips with it, you can create a pretty intuitive marketing dashboard. Our GA4 knowledge base resource gives you everything you need to know to get the most out of the platform.

As one of the original website analytics tools, GA4 tracks details like website traffic and Google ads to help teams improve their user experience. However, the Advanced Marketing Dashboard feature is suitable for tracking key performance indicators and highlighting the success of specific marketing efforts. Another standout feature is the Explorations tab. Here, you can create ad-hoc graphs and tables to show stakeholders or clients.


  • Report filters and Explorations offer flexibility
  • A new emphasis on marketing and conversion over the content


  • The reports tab means a lot of functionality is hidden


Google Analytics 4 is free to use.

How to analyze your marketing data

You can pick any of the tools from our list, but they're only as good as those using them. If you're unsure where to start with analyzing your data, take it back to basics with our 6 tips for analyzing your marketing data.


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