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What is marketing mix modeling and how does it work

Written by Richard Conn
8-minute read

There are quite a few different methods for understanding our sales - which processes increase sales and which ones fail to help. There is no shortage of data analysis methods to see how our various marketing strategies are faring. Marketing Mix Modeling is one such method.

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The 6-point list to do kickass marketing reporting

Funnel asked 1000+ digital marketers what they wanted to know about marketing reporting, and we have the answers. Here are common questions on most digital marketers' minds: How do I get a unified view of my marketing performance? Create an investor or board-level report? Centralize my marketing data? Get real-time data? Automate the process of marketing reporting? So, if any of these sounds like something you need, keep reading!

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How to analyze Instagram insights to increase organic audience

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms with billions of active users. As high as 71% of businesses use it to reach and attract potential customers. It’s no wonder because over 80% of customers agree they use Instagram before deciding to purchase a service or a product.

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An introduction to marketing data warehouses for marketers and analysts

Hey there, marketer! You have probably heard of Funnel, or even better, you are using it. If so, you already know that getting an overview of all your data across platforms has never been easier.

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6 CRM reports every marketer should use

Written by Yulia Zubova
5 minutes

A CRM isn’t a simple warehouse for information about leads and sales. CRM definition implies handling relationships with clients through regular analysis of sales data. 

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YouTube Marketing: Everything you need to know

How many times have you wasted your afternoons by watching random YouTube videos for hours? We have all been there. But have you ever thought about how YouTube marketing could scale your business? This article will walk you through the importance of YouTube for marketing and share detailed steps to leverage it for your business.

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Funnel Raises $66 Million Pre-IPO Financing, Ahead of IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm

Written by Fredrik Skantze
4 minute read
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Stockholm, October 12, 2021. SaaS scaleup Funnel, the leading Data Platform for Marketing, has closed a Pre-IPO investment of $66 Million USD of primary capital to fund the continued rapid expansion of the business. The investment is led by The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) and Stena Sessan, with participation from existing investors, including Balderton Capital, Eight Roads, F-Prime, Oxx, and Industrifonden. The closing marks the last round of private funding before Funnel’s planned initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

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The Dream Team: Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics

While web analytics can provide a glimpse into the performance of your online shop, it's only one part of the puzzle.

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Get your marketing ready for the end of third-party cookies

Written by Megan Lozicki
5 minute read

Third-party cookies will go. When they do, what’ll happen to your marketing?   

Our webinar on preparing your marketing strategies and measurement for when third-party cookies vanish brought many questions.

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LTV to CAC ratio—are you leaving customers on the table?

Written by Alex Neill
5 minute read

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV) are vital eCommerce and SaaS metrics that companies use to measure how much investment is required to acquire a customer’s patronage and how much recurring revenue that person will likely provide.

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