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expert dashboard design

An expert eye for dashboard design

We’ve all been there: sitting in front of a blank screen, trying to figure out how best to visualize and present your performance data. But where do y...

accessible data a visualization

Make insights inclusive with accessible data visualization

Data visualizations serve as shiny beacons in a sea of raw data. They transform complex data sets into actionable insights so that even non-expert con...

personalized marketing

Marketing personalization 101

Data and artificial intelligence are transforming the marketing industry, altering how marketers launch and manage campaigns — and it can be easy to g...

TikTok Shop

How to set up a TikTok Shop in three steps

TikTok Shop seems to be a game-changer in the world of social commerce. In this article, we'll explore the context and rationale behind why TikTok Sho...

enhance data visualization techniques

Enhance your data visualization techniques

Data visualization is an essential tool for digital marketers to communicate the value of data insights to stakeholders and team members. It helps ide...

email personalization marketing

Email personalization techniques beyond 'Dear [Name]'

You're a savvy marketer who has convinced thousands of leads to give you their email addresses. Now, you want to move them through the sales funnel so...

ethical data visualization

Ethical data visualization in marketing

Here's a scenario to consider: you recently got put in charge of a marketing campaign for one of your firm's biggest clients. This is a huge opportuni...

e-commerce personalization

Mastering e-commerce personalization for brand success

Step into the shoes of an e-commerce marketer. While you compete you're hardest against an ever-growing sea of competitors every day, you also have th...

top visualization tools

The 12 best data visualization tools for marketing agencies

Faced with a sea of data, professionals must work smart to separate the signal from the noise. Data visualization tools are key in this effort, but wi...

how to measure marketing

How do we measure marketing success?

Imagine sitting in a boardroom, and a confident agency representative presents your quarterly marketing performance. They have analyzed your data with...