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How to hit your digital marketing out of the park in 2021

Written by Tommy Albrecht
 7 minute read

Data has always been vital to marketers for optimizing their digital marketing campaigns - at least for the good ones.

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Solving your marketing reporting challenge when in-housing

Chief marketing officers worry they can't copy agency-like campaign reports when creating an in-house team. They also worry about productivity. How do you get the data from the many platforms you use without making it a manual process? How do you avoid developers creating bespoke connections to extract channel data? 

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What is iOS 14.5 and what do marketers need to know?

Written by Megan Lozicki
One minute read

Since last year in 2020 when Apple announced their new App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT) that will roll out with their iOS 14.5 update, businesses and advertising platforms and services have been scrambling to figure out what this means for them. 

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Top 5 challenges when moving your digital marketing in house

Are you thinking about moving your marketing in house? Want to know how to avoid the risks?

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How to use retargeting ads and reduce shopping cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the problems that's been bothering eCommerce retailers and marketers alike.

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The pros and cons to in-house advertising

What does it mean to have an in-house advertising team?

For those unfamiliar with the term in-housing, I’m referring to the process of transitioning from outsourced fully managed marketing agency services to hybrid management - or in-house managed marketing. 

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6 key marketing metrics every SaaS business should keep an eye on

Written by Petra Odak
6 minute read

Marketing has always been complex and using it to acquire new customers is not an easy task, regardless of your industry. While we made lots of progress from the days of TV ads and the era of Mad Men, marketing still remains an exciting but at the same time complex way to get to new customers. In recent years, we have a wide range of new marketing platforms and tools to work with, which doesn’t make things any easier either.

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How to create a marketing reporting solution that drives growth

Making sense of your marketing data is easier said than done. And it's pointless if you're unable to act on it. The question is - how many of us succeed in using data to make better-informed decisions? 

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The Impact of iOS 14 on Mobile Advertising

Written by Janos Moldvay
10 minute read

In June 2020, Apple shocked the mobile marketing world with the announcement of their new App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT). It was originally planned to be rolled out with iOS 14 in September 2020, but is now postponed to early this year, 2021. 

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How to Optimize Your E-commerce Customer Experience During Sales Promotions

Written by Chiara Algarotti
5 min read


The sales promotions that you run throughout the year as an e-commerce company can require a big investment from an advertising perspective. If we consider just Black Friday and Cyber Monday the CPMs can rise, in some cases like with social ads, up to 50%.

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