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funnel marketing strategy

Understanding the TOFU, MOFU, BOFU funnel model

Top marketers and their sales team simply love TOFU. Nope, not that silken dish adored by health enthusiasts the world over. We’re talking about top-o...

marketing horror stories

5 marketing horror stories to haunt your dreams

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain and wind battered the windows of a small, old cabin set deep in the dense woods. Inside, several marketers took r...

bowtie funnel

Bowtie funnel: A modern twist to marketing funnels

It's a dog-eat-dog marketing and sales world out there. Resilient businesses focusing on long-term success are scrapping the stodgy, straight marketin...

outgrown super metrics

Have you outgrown your reporting process?

In the dynamic digital marketing landscape, data reporting tools like Supermetrics have been pivotal by enabling businesses to extract, analyze, and v...

marketing funnel formula

The formula for a winning full funnel marketing strategy

Is your conversion rate up-and-coming? Is there room to improve it and get more prospects to become happy brand advocates? (Hint: The answer is always...

Black Friday sales boost

Boost Black Friday sales through the power of social media

Black Friday, the annual shopping extravaganza, is a golden opportunity for your business to boost sales and gain fresh followers. Customers rejoice i...

7 ai things we are tired of

Make it stop! 7 more things we’re tired of — AI edition

Recently, a few Funnelers took time to share the seven marketing-related things they were tired of hearing about — be the topics overstated, underwhel...

marketing funnel

Everything you need to know about sales and marketing funnels

You may have heard people report the traditional sales funnel is dead, but according to industry leaders, that statement is far from true — well, depe...

AI disrupting agencies

5 ways AI is disrupting the agency world

Will AI be a dream for digital marketing agencies? Or will it be a nightmare? The answer is always somewhere in between, and no one knows how it will ...

5 quick tips for your Black Friday campaigns

Black Friday tips from an e-commerce expert

Black Friday is an intense time for all those working in retail and e-commerce. For digital marketers, it is what you prepare for months in advance th...