The essential 7-part series to mastering marketing data

August 26, 2021
4 minute read

Check out our 7-part series on "Mastering marketing data" to learn how to get the most out of your analytics and reporting. This is for digital marketers or anyone striving towards creating a truly data-driven organization!

1. The marketing data challenge - your data moves faster than you can
2. The best advice you could ever get about marketing reporting
3. How to pick the Marketing KPIs that matter most
4. Why consistent naming is the A to Z of campaign management
5. The digital marketer’s tech-stack essentials
6. The 1-minute walkthrough of our marketing data platform
7. How we work with marketing data at Funnel

1. The marketing data challenge - your data moves faster than you can

Hear it from someone who works with performance marketing every day, Tommy Albrecht

In his article, “How to hit your digital marketing out of the park,” Tommy highlights the common day-to-day headaches every digital marketer faces.

Many marketers spend too much time on manual reporting. Not only is it a drag, but also a waste of resources, he points out.

Instead, digital marketers could spend more time on campaign optimization for their target audience - everything to increase conversion rates!

Also, without real-time, accurate data at your fingertips when you need it, you’ll always be a step behind in knowing where to spend, what to cut or fix, or even how your marketing budget is being spent. Manual reporting slows down your process in being able to make quick decisions.

Automating the process of collecting and streamlining your data and putting it into a dashboard will significantly improve your game. Social Lab Group, for example,  was able to free up 30-40% of campaign managers' total time in doing just that. And online webshop Zonnebrillen managed to save 4 to 5 hours per week too.

Just imagine if you lack that high-level view of cross-channel campaign performance when promoting your products or services, you’ll be left wandering around in the dark.

You need to know at all times what marketing channel is delivering the best or worst returns. Luckily, many solutions exist. So, why not use them?!

Learn more from our expert, Tommy

2. The best advice you could ever get about marketing reporting

You asked, and we answered.

Many of our readers came to us with questions like:

  • “How do I get a unified view of my marketing performance?”

  • “How do I create an investor or board-level report?”

  • “How do I get real-time business data?”

These are all common pain points. To answer these, we went ahead and asked one of our partners, Janus de Visser, Operations Director at Cloud Nine Digital, to shed some light on the issues.

Being an expert in helping businesses with their data requirements, Janus explains what it takes to create a solid foundation for your marketing reporting. He also gives some pointers on how to set up your marketing KPIs.

This is a must-read if you’re looking to create a solid and sustainable solution for your marketing reporting.

Read on

3. How to pick the Marketing KPIs that matter most

Learn how to cater your marketing reports to different audiences.

Want to know what to report at the Board, C-Level, and Director level?

Or do you want to know what to report to Marketers, Channel Managers, and Specialists? 

Your marketing reports will go from a high level to more granular detail, depending on who you're addressing. 

Get the quick guide here.

4. Why a consistent campaign naming convention is essential for your marketing campaigns

In “How to name your digital advertising campaign like a pro,” Juuso Lyytikkä, Head of Growth at Funnel, says consistency is key.

Having a thought-out process and set naming convention keeps your ad accounts structured and makes managing them easier.

If you don’t do the groundwork first, you’ll end up with a messy, unstructured, hard-to-handle campaign structure that makes it a nightmare when trying to do analysis and reports.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a campaign name and URL builder that’s free for you to use.

Get the campaign name and URL builder spreadsheet here

5. The digital marketer’s tech-stack essentials

If you aim to build a data-driven marketing operation, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out “Marketing data tools you can’t live without” to get the lowdown on all things data and analytics.

We introduce everything from marketing analytics to social media, data warehouses, visualization to data platforms.

However, with any SaaS product, ensure that you’ve got the right processes in place from the start - as most of the time, internal processes become a greater challenge than the product itself.

Also, depending on the complexity of your situation, ensure that the SaaS company has a solid onboarding, support, and customer success team. The kind of additional support a company provides can make a world of difference in getting you up and running.

It goes without saying, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Yet, if you want to get a jumpstart, these tools will certainly help.

Discover your options

6. The 1-minute walkthrough of our marketing data platform

Every step you take is one closer to “Mastering your marketing data.”

If you’ve realized that there’s more to do to create a truly data-driven team, then you’re in good hands.

If you want to master how you work with marketing data, reporting, and analytics, Funnel and its team of data experts can certainly help you reach your A-game.

Just take a minute and check out the Funnel platform. Let us know if you like what you see.


Also, feel free to jump to some of these pages, like platform overview and data transformation, to understand the value you’ll get.

With Funnel, you don’t need to rely on data experts to see where you should spend your marketing efforts. Funnel is purpose-built for marketers - so that you can get the insights you need without relying on your IT or BI departments. It’s relatively easy to use, and we’ll help you along the way too.

Any questions, you know how to reach us.

7. How we work with marketing data at Funnel

Would you trust a SaaS company that refused to eat its own dog food? Or drink its own champaign? We wouldn’t!

In “How does the Funnel marketing team use Funnel,” Kathryn Stockton, performance marketing manager, explains what marketing without Funnel is like. But then, of course, why a marketing day with Funnel is so fabulous.

Please don’t take my word for it; take hers!

Read the inside story.

We hope this collection of articles and resources will help you in building a data-driven marketing strategy.