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Data aggregation explained in 2 minutes

Last updated: 23/02/2022

In this video, we discuss what data aggregation actually means and why it's important to be able to understand your marketing data.

Data aggregation is one of those terms that people in the marketing world can be intimidated by because it sounds a little bit mathy. But actually, data aggregation is the key for the human eye to be able to easily understand data. 

So, what does data aggregation mean?

Raw data to the human eye is chaotic, unorganized, and can start to blend together. It can consist of thousands of rows of data, it's easy to get lost scrolling and scrolling. Think about it, a computer wants raw data to process, humans want answers!

Take for example a table with your cost for every day of the year. That would be a table with 365 rows. Which is some serious scrolling time! Also, what does looking at that raw data tell you about what your cost was for each day, week or month? You can’t get it at just a glance without aggregating it. 

Aggregating data means summing it in various ways to reduce the number of rows needed to visualise it in a useful way that the human eye can understand.

An aggregated version of the above table could be something like cost for every month of the year. Now you have a simple table with just 12 rows giving you a month-by-month view of your spend.

Ultimately, data aggregation is about summarizing your data so you can visualize it in a way that tells a story quickly and efficiently.

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