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Google Analytics, Yahoo Japan Search, Twitter, Amazon Ads: Updates to fields during June

1 minute read Last updated Aug 17 2022
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In addition to the changes already posted around "Reach & frequency" for TikTok and Snapchat. Here are additional updates made to reports, metrics, and dimensions for the core connectors in Funnel during June.

Google Analytics

A suffix has been added to all Google Analytics fields in Funnel to better distinguish the two Google Analytics versions from each other when both are connected. Universal Analytics fields are suffixed with UA and Google Analytics 4 fields are suffixed with GA4. 

More information in this help article

Yahoo Japan Search

Yahoo Japan Search has been updated to the latest version. The following dimensions were removed:

  • Campaign Desktop Bid Modifier
  • Campaign Mobile Bid Modifier
  • Campaign Tablet Bid Modifier
  • Title (still available via the field named Title 1)

And two dimensions was renamed:

  • Landing Page URL renamed to Final URL
  • Landing Page URL Smartphone renamed to Final URL Smartphone


New 90-day attribution window for the Reach & frequency campaign report.

Amazon Ads

New Dimension added: 

  • Portfolio Name
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