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Tracdelight connector expanded

Written by Johannes Andreasson,
how many minutes?

Based on user demand, we've expanded our Tracdelight connector to include several new dimensions and metrics.


  • Account ID
  • Account name


  • PPC count
  • PPC revenue
  • PPC commission
  • PPL waiting count
  • PPL waiting commission
  • PPL confirmed count
  • PPL confirmed commission
  • PPL declined count
  • PPL declined commission
  • PPS waiting count
  • PPS waiting commission
  • PPS confirmed count
  • PPS confirmed commission
  • PPS declined count
  • PPS declined commission
  • Total commission
  • Total count
The metric Spend has been deprecated and is replaced by Total commission.

To see all the fields you can get from Tracdelight see our knowledge base

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