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Our Head of Growth, Juuso Lyytikkä, talks to leaders in the e-commerce marketing industry about what they’re thinking about leading up to their biggest season of the year.

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Creating the Best Black Friday Customer Experience

Johan Claar chats with us about what he and his team have learned over the past few Black Fridays/Cyber Mondays and why they’re putting more focus on optimizing the customer experience.

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Budgeting for the Holidays

What should you be thinking about to ensure that you come out of the season with healthy growth margins? Join us when we discuss with Felix Erhardt - Investor in Digital Growth.

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Holiday Attribution Checklist

Janos Moldvay, CEO of Adtriba talks through the top to-dos for e-commerce marketers regarding attribution measurement and optimization to prepare for the holiday season.

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Breaking Through the Noise

What should you be thinking about as a digital marketer to help your ads break through the noise during the holiday season? Join us and the Smartly team as we discuss.

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