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Christian Hagberg

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GA4 vs Universal Analytics - 7 key differences

Written by Christian Hagberg
Universal Analytics (UA) is approaching its final year of existence before being deprecated in July 2023, making way for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Despite GA4 being the default option for new Google Analytics properties since October 14, 2020, m...
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What is data mesh, and what are its benefits?

Written by Christian Hagberg
Data mesh is a decentralized approach to data architecture that has recently increased in popularity. Within the data mesh approach, data ownership is handed to the domain or business function that best understands the data's structure, purpose,...
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The importance of data cleaning in marketing analytics

Written by Christian Hagberg
This post is an expansion on an excellent piece titled “Data Cleaning IS Analysis, Not Grunt Work” by Randy Au, here in the context of marketing analytics. In his article, Randy talks about an often undervalued aspect of any analytics journey: d...
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