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Google Analytics - Creative ID dimensions

PriceRunner - New Conversions report type

AdWords (Google Ads) - Ad level data in Video report type

Tune Network - Goal ID

New fields for Marktplaats, 2dehands and Kijiji

Kijiji - new connector

AdWords (Google Ads) - SKAN dimension and metrics

Cake - Macro Event Conversions

AdWords (Google Ads) - changes to the Placement fields

Adjust - Converted Users per Event

Google Analytics - Campaign Code dimension

Google Analytics - Detect if you data is sampled

Facebook Ads - Estimated Call Confirmation Clicks

Tabs in Dimensions and Metrics pages

LinkedIn Organic - See how your total number of followers develop over time

WooCommerce - new order dimension

Facebook Ads - Continuous video plays

Mailchimp - new dimensions and metrics

AdWords (Google Ads) - Conversion value attributed to conversion time

Pinterest - More breakdowns for the Frequency metric

Data Request status page

AppNexus - Pixel name and Pixel ID

Yahoo - User report type

Funnel monthly product update, May 2021

AdWords (Google Ads) - Bidding Strategy Type dimension

Outbrain - Campaign statistics by Geo

Changes to fields from Twitter

Facebook Ads changes to "Lifetime" Data sources

Keep your fields apart in Google Data Studio

Layout (Ad size) available for Verizon Media DSP

Experiment and Variant dimensions added to Google Analytics

Awin connector now supports Tags

Track your Snapchat leads

Google Analytics Internal Promotion fields in Funnel

SKAdNetwork metrics support for Snapchat

Get your XING data into Funnel

Rakuten Affiliate Network – new fields

Adwords (Google Ads) - Location view report

Bing – All revenue

Field picker made easier to use

Google Analytics: Previous Page Path

New sales metrics available from Criteo

Tracdelight connector expanded

Adwords (Google Ads) – Conversions by conversion time

Connect Facebook Ads with click-through attribution only

Snapchat – deleted campaigns, ad squads and ads

New metric selector for Data explorer charts

AppNexus – new device dimensions

Funnel monthly product update, April 2021

File Import - download previously imported files

See your archived Pinterest campaigns

Connect CallRail on Company level

Facebook Ads stops supporting several attribution windows

Data Explorer menu item has moved

Overview page

MediaMath - App Transparency report

AdWords (Google Ads) - More data around your Ads

MediaMath - Audience pixel report

TikTok - Ad Group report

File Import - inspecting received emails

BigQuery connector - export summary table

Google Analytics - support for GA4 properties

Idealo introducing a new order status

AdColony – new metrics and dimensions

New breakdowns for your Daisycon data

Get an overview of your credentials

Google Analytics default configuration

Get your Excel data into Funnel

Spotify Ad Studio – Ad listens

Criteo – installs and devices

Funnel monthly product update, March 2021

Data explorer made simpler

See when a custom field was created and updated

New attribution windows for Criteo

Event dimensions for Google Analytics

Video metrics from AdRoll

Bing Keyword/Share of voice report expanded

Facebook cancelling data driven attribution model

Google Analytics – new fields

AdWords (Google Ads) – Call details report

Restore lost Google sheets

Facebook Ads now fully reconfigurable

AdWords (Google Ads) – New time windows for non-aggregatable metrics

Magento 2: Get your orders in order

Bronto – Delivery type

Instagram follower count improved

Match2One – new dimensions

Changes in Criteo naming

NetAffiliation – new metrics

Data source details page

SA360 and DV360 fields in Google Analytics

New shortcut to our knowledge base

Track your Shopify Customer count

Google Sheets exports - Create a new spreadsheet from within Funnel

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DV360) just got easier to connect

Search keyword fields for AdWords (Google Ads)

AdWords (Google Ads) – two new fields

Order Location Name in Shopify

Enable or disable Google Sheet exports

AdWords (Google Ads) name changes

Ad Custom Parameter for AdWords (Google Ads)

Track your data source connects

More Ad meta data for Remerge

Date attribution change for ActiveCampaign

Track the growth of email lists in Klaviyo

New Shopify dimensions in Funnel

WooCommerce order data by customer

Tableau page facelift

File import: view email messages

Yahoo Japan Search – new dimensions

Funnel monthly product update, February 2021

Import csv files to Funnel via email

Data Studio - Automatic field name deduplication

TikTok - Complete payment and Total complete payment value

AdWords (Google Ads) - Extended rules for Ad Custom Dimension

Data Explorer - New default table

Data Request form progress bar

Indeed - Company name and Account ID

Reuse credentials when connecting data sources

Data Studio - Report Template

Data Explorer metrics filter

WooCommerce - Billing and Shipping Company dimensions

Shopify - Additional Details fields for Order report

Data Studio page list improvements

New "sum of" option for custom metrics

Facebook Pages - Field name changes

TimeOne Performance - New name and redesign

Google Analytics - New connect dialog design

AdWords (Google Ads) - More possibilities for keyword data

AppNexus - New report type

Improved Google Sheets export page

AdWords (Google Ads) - Device dimension available in two more report types

Default configurations for data sources

Adwords (Google Ads) - New metric

Google Trends - New dimension

New connector - Salesforce Case History

New data request form!

Biano - New metrics

Adwords - New dimension

Yahoo Japan Search - Non-aggregation metrics on Keyword level

Shopify - Custom attributes

Tableau connector - "Remember my token"

Adform - Download frequency option

Seznam - Adgroup report

Twitter Organic - User Insights report

AdColony - Store ID

Custom Dimensions can now Split by a delimiter without using Regex

Create a scheduled Google Sheet exports from the Data Destination page

Twitter - Reach & Frequency

Linkedin - Video title, InMail subject and Creative title

Impact - Ad name

Monthly Update Summary - January 2021

Adform - New metrics

Google Ads - Click View report type

Pinterest - New metrics

Google Ads - Refresh window smartness

Adrecord - New fields

Removing custom dimensions and metrics

Data Explorer - Improved help text for Funnel accounts with no data

Data Explorer - New tooltip

Pricerunner - Merchant dimensions

TikTok - Page Browse View

AppNexus - New report types

Google Trends - New connector

LinkedIn - Non-aggregatable metrics on Account level

Subscription admin -  Removing users and accounts

Data Explorer - Cell pop-over improvements

Facebook Attribution - Report level disabled

Bing - Search Query

Bing - Age and Gender

AdWords (Google Ads) - Click Type

Bing - Goal and Goal type

Twitter - Age and Gender

Sizmek MDX - connector deprecated

Google My Business - Questions and Answers report type

Monthly Update Summary - December 2020

Twitter - Video MRC Views metric deprecated

Mailchimp - Send time

AdWords (Google Ads) - Image URL

Detect non-normal values in Data Explorer

Twitter - Keyword and Similar to followers of user

Pre-made view on the Google Data Studio page

Data explorer quick actions pop-up

Google Sheets Import - Immediate validation in-app

Google Sheets Import - Configure import based on name

AdWords (Google Ads) - Steps towards deprecation of old API

Digital Turbine - New fields

Single Sign-On with Azure SAML

Klaviyo - Flow name dimension in Message and Attributed message breakdowns

Google Data Studio connect buttons

LinkedIn - Carousel ID

AdWords (Google Ads) - Age Range View and Gender View reports

AdWords (Google Ads) - Changes to the Ad field for the Google Ads API version

Webgains - Transaction report

Google Data Studio in-app help section

Increased consistency for in-app navigation

AdWords (Google Ads) - YouTube placement dimensions

Twitter - Card ID in the Promoted Tweet Report

Authenticate with Google for Cloud Storage exports

Filter on Search Type with Google Search Console connector