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Product updates for December

Hubspot, Facebook and YouTube – here are our new fields for December

Product updates for November

Twitter, YouTube and Teads – see what’s new in Funnel’s connectors for November

Product updates for October

Connector news for October: Tradedoubler, Yelp and Appsflyer

Product updates for September

LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok – here are the new fields for September

Product updates for August

LinkedIn, TikTok, GA4 and more. These are some of the connector updates that have happened in August.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Funnel’s Power BI Connector now available in Power BI Dataflows and Datamarts

Instagram, Shopify and Pinterest – new fields in July

See who edited your Fields and Views

Google Analytics, Yahoo Japan Search, Twitter, Amazon Ads: Updates to fields during June

Data Explorer export to data destinations

TikTok and Snapchat: Reach and Frequency made easier

Excel imports into Funnel now support multiple sheets/tabs

Amazon Selling Partner data is now available in Funnel

Appsflyer, Adform, Ingenious: New fields for May

Avoid multiplied metrics

New destination: Microsoft Power BI!

Keep track of your flexpoint usage

Snapchat, TikTok, GA4: Connector updates for April 2022

Amazon Ads, Bing, Snapchat and more – connector expansions in March

Standard rules for your Social Organic reports

Field editing made easier

Get your Ingenious data into Funnel

Get your Teads data into Funnel

TikTok: Additional time windows for Reach and Frequency

New and improved Adtraction connector in Funnel

Amazon Ads data now available in Funnel

Adform: Cost (Fixed Price)

Pardot: Get all prospects and custom fields

Video metric update for Outbrain

Tune Network: Country name

Google Analytics/GA4: New dimensions and metrics

Google Analytics: Standard rules for G4

Indeed connector: major update

TikTok: Initiate Checkout

The Trade Desk: Data for advertiser only

Partnerize: Customer type

Track Visits in our Criteo connector

Control where your data ends up in Google Sheets

Base your exports on Data explorer views

TikTok: New dimensions

Date conditions in Custom dimensions

Deals from Yahoo Ad Tech

Filter fields with warnings

Country report for Sizmek Ad Suite

Improvements to the chart feature

AdRoll: Landing page

AdWords (Google Ads): Custom Labels

Copying fields between accounts just became easier

Adform: Campaign End Date

Google Analytics – Exit rate

Zemanta – archived campaign data

Google Analytics (GA4): User engagement

Save your Data explorer views

TikTok – new metrics

Facebook Ads: FB Pixel Custom Conversion

Take a closer look at your Google Sheets exports

Import files using decimal comma

Yahoo Adtech: Postal code

TikTok – new metrics

Off Spotify Impressions

Performance Max campaigns supported for AdWords (Google Ads)

AdService – new fields

VK Ads connector expanded

New e-commerce fields supported for Google Analytics

Shopify Traffic Source

Google Search Console: New search types

Partnerize – "Conversion lag" data is now available

Tiktok: new metrics

Adwords (Google Ads): Preview Image URL

LinkedIn: Campaign start & end date

StackAdapt: Insertion Order and Unique conversions

Google Analytics: New dimensions

LinkedIn: Direct Sponsored Content

Partnerize: New dimensions

Paint it black: Dark mode is here

Google Analytics: Hits

Snapchat: Ad level SKAdNetwork data

Connect to Branch in Funnel

Google Analytics: Internal search fields

LinkedIn: Creative Media URL

Export scheduling made easier

Capterra – Average Position

Facebook Pages – new metrics

TikTok – Profile visits

SKAdNetworks report now available in AppsFlyer

LinkedIn Organic: Reach & Frequency

Get your "Shared items" metrics from Facebook Ads

Video metrics for XING

Shopping24 connector expanded

See your Data Source Id on the Data Sources page

Partnerize: Source referer

YouTube – Video duration easier to read

Shopify – customer names

LinkedIn: two new fields

Google Analytics: Session Duration Bucket

Doubleclick Campaign Manager: New dimensions added

Daisycon: two new reports

Explore our new Data Sources page

Get Reddit data by Designated market area

StackAdapt: Creative level data available

LinkedIn: See the creation time of a sponsored post

Ahrefs released!

Shopify - Line Item Name

Google Analytics: Events per session

Semrush now released!

New metrics added for Sizmek Ad Suite

Pinterest Organic – new Pin link dimensions added

Spotify Ad Studio – Ad play percentage fields

Inspect your credentials

Attribution setting available in Facebook Ads

Google Analytics: Full Referrer

TikTok: Province available in the Ad Audience report

myTarget: Banner name

SA360 (DoubleClick Search): New dimensions added to the Conversion report

Snapchat: Optimization goal

Daisycon: Program description

Estimated billable amount in Verizon Media DSP

Google Ads (AdWords): Clicks by keyword available

RTB House – new fields available

Find the right file when importing from email

DerbySoft – Impression share

Google Ads (AdWords) – Income Range

DerbySoft - New dimensions

Google Analytics - Browser version dimension

Learn menu

Snapchat - Metrics for offline conversions

XING - Ad name dimension

Bing - View Through Conversions metric

Funnel's got a brand new bag

YouTube - Channel insights report

Google Analytics - New and renamed dimensions for GA4

Lead Alliance - New lead metrics

TikTok - SKAN metrics

Google Ads (AdWords) - New dimension for the Ad account name

AdRoll - More dimensions available

The Trade Desk - More conversion metrics

Google Sheets export - limit the number of rows exported

YouTube - Age and Gender report

Adform - Booked impressions metric

AppNexus - New dimensions

Partner-ads connector now supports more fields and geographies

Google Analytics - Creative ID dimensions

PriceRunner - New Conversions report type

AdWords (Google Ads) - Ad level data in Video report type

Tune Network - Goal ID

New fields for Marktplaats, 2dehands and Kijiji

2dehands - New connector

Kijiji - new connector

AdWords (Google Ads) - SKAN dimension and metrics

Cake - Macro Event Conversions

AdWords (Google Ads) - changes to the Placement fields

Adjust - Converted Users per Event

Google Analytics - Campaign Code dimension

Google Analytics - Detect if you data is sampled

Facebook Ads - Estimated Call Confirmation Clicks

Tabs in Dimensions and Metrics pages

LinkedIn Organic - See how your total number of followers develop over time

WooCommerce - new order dimension

Facebook Ads - Continuous video plays

Mailchimp - new dimensions and metrics

AdWords (Google Ads) - Conversion value attributed to conversion time

Pinterest - More breakdowns for the Frequency metric

Data Request status page

AppNexus - Pixel name and Pixel ID

Yahoo - User report type

Funnel monthly product update, May 2021

AdWords (Google Ads) - Bidding Strategy Type dimension

Outbrain - Campaign statistics by Geo

Changes to fields from Twitter

Facebook Ads changes to "Lifetime" Data sources

Keep your fields apart in Google Data Studio

Layout (Ad size) available for Verizon Media DSP

Experiment and Variant dimensions added to Google Analytics

Awin connector now supports Tags

Track your Snapchat leads

Google Analytics Internal Promotion fields in Funnel

SKAdNetwork metrics support for Snapchat

Get your XING data into Funnel

Rakuten Affiliate Network – new fields

Adwords (Google Ads) - Location view report

Bing – All revenue

Field picker made easier to use

New sales metrics available from Criteo

Tracdelight connector expanded

Adwords (Google Ads) – Conversions by conversion time

Connect Facebook Ads with click-through attribution only

New metric selector for Data explorer charts

AppNexus – new device dimensions

Funnel monthly product update, April 2021

File Import - download previously imported files

See your archived Pinterest campaigns

Connect CallRail on Company level

Facebook Ads stops supporting several attribution windows

Data Explorer menu item has moved